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08 February 2014


EDIT: I regret to inform you -- and believe me, I am more disappointed than anyone else in the whole world, even more than my own mother! -- that this project has been DELAYED. It is now scheduled to be printed & delivered in February of 2015.

I would like to blame this delay for my book on my full-time job, working on this thing:

So I hope you go see the blood, sweat, sparkles, and time that went into this film when it comes out in February... and also... buy my book(!) when it comes out in February.

No pressure. Do what you want. This is your life and these are just suggestions that may or may not enhance your human experience.


Hello everybody! It's been awhile, hasn't it? I've been hiding out more than usual, haven't I?
No I haven't! Only on the internet. But do not fear, my absence from the web does not signal my death.

Outside of my day-to-day duties, I am working on this *new*-ish personal project that was first announced via postcard at CTN-X this last November.

It's a book, but not quite a book, but still a book in the sense that it is printed on paper and bound in a series of pages. (I'm setting the expectations very low, I see)

It is also not a kid's book.

I'm throwing the deadline of October 2014 out into the world as pressure to get the damned thing done. So we'll see. Hopefully I don't disappoint myself. Or anyyyooonnneee elssssee for that matterrrr. [Like you Mum! I wouldn't want to disappoint you! ;) ]

That's what's up.

20 September 2013

Coffee Shop / Bar Sketches

It's been almost a year since I last posted. Whoops!
Here's some more coffee shop sketches.

26 September 2012

Coffee shop sketches

 More sketches from life.

25 July 2012

Baguette Man

Bakers spreading joy, one loaf at a time. Man, fresh baked bread is one of the best smells ever.

09 July 2012

Sketches from life

Been sketching on location occasionally with others. At the Americana, Little Tokyo, & Republic of Pie. Not totally slacking, you guys. Not totally.

31 March 2012

Half a shirt.

Saw this guy walking in Glendale. I like to think he was participating in a confidence building exercise. Learning how to feel like a million bucks, wearin' half a shirt. He was struggling.

04 March 2012

Look At This, Look At That: A Tribute to Dr. Seuess

I am so happy to have been a part of the Gallery Nucleus Dr. Seuss Tribute show! Mr. Geisel was a brilliant man, whose work will surely inspire many more generations to come. There are so many amazing pieces at the show, I am humbled to be a part of it. Go check it out! It'll be up until March 24th.

My piece is a mashup of The Sneetches and Cat In The Hat

"What the Sneetch is That?"
Acrylics, 6"x16"

24 February 2012

Personal Project sketches

Some sketches for my personal project!

10 February 2012

Personal Project

Some new stuff~

Personal Project

I am working on a personal project about a girl and her ostrich! More to come, stay tuned~

09 February 2012

Figure drawing

I have been neglecting my blog... but I have also been neglecting my drawing :/
so I went and sat in on a figure drawing class last week :O

1 minutes:

2 minutes:

I promise to do better and post more! Thanks to the people who have kindly followed me! I will do my best to spam your blog reading list often in the future ;)

03 December 2011

The Jim Henson Tribute Exhibition

I am so excited to have been able to contribute a piece to the Jim Henson Tribute Exhibition at the Gallery Nucleus! Opening reception is next Saturday and coincides with the "What If..." show upstairs!

The official flyer:

Digital Comp:

"The Rainbeard Connection"
(8"x16", Gouache)

So Awesome! Featured on the Nucleus blog as well as NBC LA! Thanks to Joanna Santos for curating the show and giving us the opportunity to share some Henson love!

31 October 2011

Landscape painting

Went landscape painting for the first time in almost a year! A lot of anxiety caused from rustiness, but I hope to continue going out and painting. It was a great hike with some real cool people!

13 September 2011